Report completed: “Understanding Social Innovation as an Innovation Process”

One central aim of the‘SI DRIVE: Social innovation, driving force of social change 2014-2017” project was the collection of 1,005 cases of social innovation across the globe in seven policy fields: Education, Employment, Energy, Transport , Poverty, Health and Environment (Howaldt et al., 2016). From those 1,005 cases 82 were selected for in-depth case study. These 82 cases were re-analysed in a secondary analysis using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). The purpose of the authors of the just completed report “Understanding Social Innovation as an Innovation Process” was to contribute to the mapping out of the innovation landscape: how are these social innovations developing; is there a resemblance with the ‘innovation journey’ (Van de Ven et al., 2008) of innovations in technology/business? Download the report here.